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Seven years already... a success story !

May 5th, 2009 - after the rain is the first and foremost fantastic adventure of Isabelle Nordmann, the founder and creator of the famous Geneva spa.

Isabelle has a degree in Marketing and Finance from the University of Denver, Colorado. She spent time in the United States working for Young &Rubicam and Macy's in New York, before being employed by Paribas (Switzerland).

when she had to return to Geneva for personal reasons, Isabelle became a computer programmer.

in 2000, amidst the frenzy of internet speculations, Isabelle decided to bring relief to her «stress-consumed» clients by creating a spa with personalized, efficient and enjoyable treatments.

in 2002, one of the leading, most prestigious spas of Continental Europe, after the rain urban day, opened its doors with an invitation to serenity. The brand's approach was sensuous and original.

the Geneva spa currently provides about 12,000 hours of treatments annually and the brand is represented by more than 40 partners around the world.

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