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follow up of the action between after the rain & Terre des hommes for Christmas 2010

carte_voeux_tdh_full_2010_rectoverso_260_websiteIn line with our philosophy, last Christmas, we informed you of our contribution to the Sinu project. With Terre des hommes, after the rain supports the association of young entrepreneurs in the Pena area, on the Atlantic coast of Colombia. This program aims to restore the confidence of the young people into their life project where the values of respect and social responsibility are fundamental.

Marcela Rivero Castellano, 23 years old, helped by the Sinu program speaks of a "new way of her life," she tells us: "I am able to obtain ressources to satiate my needs and my family ... I would say that I am currently building my youth with hope and new ambitions ... you get to be different and to have a life plan, one gets to know his rights and gender equality. Believe in yourself and trust in others is our new way of life.”

 Terre des hommes says:

"Children and young people in this area of the Colombian Atlantic coast have often had to leave their village with their families in emergency, and experienced traumatic situations. In foster areas, they must recreate a world with other distraught families coming from different places and cultures: everything must be rebuilt. Cohesion and social harmony are a daily challenge and are not easy to combine when mistrust and fear are very present in the area. Even after years, these young people have lost their bearings ... how can you trust life when one has lived terrific situations and the notion of law was flouted ? Reconstruction, self-confidence and respect for others are the main points of Terre des hommes Switzerland project. "

after the rain admires these young people who face their precarious situation and have regained confidence to lead social economic projects for their community.

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