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What is the after the rain experience?

At after the rain, you set aside time. A time just for you, a precious time: the time of disconnection.

Treatment capsules that adapt to your needs and always include a hammam, a treatment and a time to rest in your private loggia.

At the time of your visit, our therapists listen to you in order to compose the best suited customized treatment.

Reserved parking on site • No 8 Bus, Velours stop (2mn walk)

Gift a timeless experience

For Christmas, try a unique and different gift! Surprise your friends and family with our after the rain experience.

Our one of a kind experience is meant to be tailor-made and intimate. Our therapists are trained in a variety of techniques that they use to create a unique experiences, suited to what the person needs and wishes at the exact moment.


Our treatment capsules

Discover our unique concept: after the rain treatment capsules.

Time is precious, and we understand that.

At after the rain, take time for a moment of reconnection created especially for you by one of our therapists.

Escape to your own private loggia for as long as you have defined it.

From one day to the next, you change.

At after the rain, we care about the person you are the moment you open the door.

What types of capsules are available?

Signature capsules
in solo or in duo

Mosaic capsules
in solo or in duo

Tandems capsules

When you arrive at after the rain, you choose the options that will make your capsule unique: essential oils, hot stones, gua sha, jade roll, suction cups, seashells etc...

Personalize your à la carte treatment and enjoy it: all these options are offered to you.